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Start Maintaining
      Your Brain Health Today
           To Keep Alzheimer’s Away

Angie Stone has three generations of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) sufferers in her family. 

While walking alongside her father on his AD journey, she has become well aware there is no cure for AD. Angie has also discovered she is perfectly posed to become the next generation to endure this horrendous, life stealing ailment. She knows this based upon her gene expression and other risk factors.

Watching her dad decline has been heart wrenching and even more unbearable than that, is the thought of her children having to travel this path with her and her grandchildren needing to do the same with their parents.

The cycle needs to stop. To break out of this pattern, brain health needs to be maintained.

It’s possible.


Angie spent two decades working with elders, as a dental hygienist.

Her work was dedicated to preventing oral infections in her clients. Angie has spoken to dental and medical professionals in 46 states and 6 countries, about the importance of caring for this population’s oral health. She authored the Amazon Best Selling Book, Dying from Dirty Teeth and her original research “A Novel Approach to Oral Care” was published in a peer reviewed medical journal.

She began caring exclusively for those with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2013. Realizing this population has very specific needs, she became a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Caregiver to assist her in caring for her clients. These certifications have also helped her to support care teams in care communities and the families of her clients.

When her dad and aunt received the diagnosis of AD and later discovered she carries the AD gene, it became apparent she likely would be faced with the same destiny as family members and clients. Not willing to accept the medical opinion that, “there is nothing you can do about any of this”, she went on a search to find a way to break the cycle. Through reading research, studying and completing Brain Longevity Therapy Training, Angie exchanged her fears about getting AD, for taking actions to maintain her brain health.

As a result of all of these experiences, Angie now works with adults who have a family history of Alzheimer’s Disease, so they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to maintain their brain health and not become the next generation of Alzheimer’s sufferers.

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Angie's Talks


Maintaining Brain Health…Where Hope, Wishes and Action Intersect

People who have a blood relative with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) at some point, find themselves wondering if they too will receive this dreaded diagnosis. The immediate worry is for their own future, but the secondary concern ends up being for their children and their children having to deal with all the ramifications that come along with the AD journey. There is a lot of hope that the diagnosis will never come, and many wishes are made for AD to be warded off. But there is more to the equation when it comes to deterring AD.


This talk brings in a third, likely the most important, part of the puzzle…taking action to actually maintain brain health.

What If We Can Maintain Brain Health and Stave Off Alzheimer’s

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in the 21st century should not be synonymous with a drawn-out dreadful death, and it is. The first diagnosis regarding brain changes is Mild Cognitive Impairment. Patients are told there is no treatment and there will likely be a progression to AD, which also cannot be halted. A “Get your affairs in order” attitude is the norm. But, what if they are wrong?


This talk discusses actionable items attendees and/or their loved ones can take to help maintain brain health and deter the onset of AD.

The Alzheimer’s Experience

Currently there are 5.8 million suffering from Alzheimer’s in the United States. This number is predicted to rise to 14 million by 2050. It is imperative the world knows what it is like to be affected by this disease and what it does to those caring for them.


This talk takes attendees on an Alzheimer’s journey and offers information on how they can help support those living the Alzheimer’s Experience.




“Angie captures her audiences instantly with her authenticity and inspiring message. I would not hesitate to recommend Angie to anyone looking for an energizing and passionate speaker.”

Michelle Prince, Ziglar Certified Speaker / America's Productivity Coach, Prince Performance Group

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